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Alexander Ennever

BEd(sec), AMusA(dist)

Alex is a passionate educator with a sound background in music and information technology. A registered teacher since 2015, he has experience working within a variety of Queensland schools as a music and computer science teacher as well as within the I.T. industry as a technical support manager for a global EduTech company.

A classically trained pianist since the age of five, Alex was awarded the AMEB Associate Diploma in Music Australia with distinction (top 5%) in 2006, aged seventeen. In 2015 he graduated from a Bachelor of Education minoring in Music and Information Technology at Griffith University and was twice recipient of the university's Award for Academic Excellence.

Underpinning student learning experiences at Permuted Studios is Alex's three-pillar teaching philosophy: Inspiring Possibilities; Developing Technical Capacities; and Sharing Creations and Interpretations. To learn more, please view Alex's "Professional Teaching ePortfolio".

Studio Features


What's in a Name?

The name "Permuted Studios" is a reflection upon the idea that everything in existance are permutations and subset-permutations of a single source of truth. To illustrate, consider:

This line of thinking is of profound significance when considering the true nature of creativity and creative processes. Creativity is a process of discovery, not creation. Nothing is original and every possible expression already exists.

For example, consider a musical composition. A music composition is ultimately a permutation of musical notes. Take the notes C, D, and E, and a period of silence represented by the letter Z. Let's also allocate each a quarter beat (crotchet) in duration. We can then generate the total "65 536 Two-Bars-of-Common-Time-Melodies" that are possible, within which you will the openings of well known songs including:

As a final observation, the Permuted Studios logo incoporates the following three subtractive primary colours:

Note that the colour codes are permutations of 'FF' and '00' / '255' and '0'.

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